Agensi Pekerjaan Princeton Sdn Bhd

We are providing consultancy service for professional work permit – who are classified as Expatriate. There are 3 categories available for professional or skill foreigners to apply work permit in Malaysia.

Terms and Conditions

Foreigners who are qualified to fulfill the following positions :
  1. Key Post – Catergory 1
    Top Managerial Post of a foreign owned company operating in Malaysia.
    Responsible for looking after the company’s interests and investments.
    Responsible for determining the company’s policies and goals.
  2. Executive Post -Catergory 2
    Professional/Middle Managerial Post.
    Required academic and working experience, practical skills related to the respective jobs.
    Responsible for implementing the company’s policies and supervision toward the junior staff.
  3. Non-Executive Post – Catergory 3
    Highly skilled
    Require working experience and technical skills related to the respective jobs.
Employers must had the following requirement to apply their professional or skill foreigners:
  1.  Minimum capital requirement  100% of local (Malaysian) RM 250,000.00
  2.  Joint ownership of foreign and local RM350,000.00
  3. 100% foreign ownership RM500,000.00
  4. Distribution of merchantability and RM1,000,000.00 restuarant possession of foreign
  • Conditions are not subject to capital incorporated company, limited and associations/organizations
  • Position for key post, foreign capital in the company should of at least RM500,000.00
  • Minimum salary for expatriate RM5,000.00 (per month)

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